Asbestos Tweets for June 2 2010

2 06 2010

Mesothelioma Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – from

New York State Asbestos Rules Violated by Motel Demolition –

EPA, San Francisco at odds over safety of dust at Hunters Point Shipyard –

Why Do You Need to be Concerned About Asbestos? From the EPA – via the asbestos guy’s posterous


Asbestos Tweets for May 27 2010

27 05 2010

Asbestos worries grow in the wealthy Sacramento foothills –

Asbestos Water Pipe Replacement Plan Hits Roadblock in Randolph, N.J. –

Not in Their Back Yard | EPA finds Asbestos deposit in El Dorado Hills, CA – from Mother Jones

profile on Dr. Eric Vallieres – Surgical Director, Thoracic Oncology at the Swedish Cancer Institute in Seattle, WA –

Asbestos Tweets for May 25 2010

25 05 2010

Asbestos’ death toll climbs in scenic Montana town as EPA struggles with vast cleanup effort –

“Everyone wants Libby to go away and it’s not going away” –

Asbestos Tweets for May 20 2010

20 05 2010

check out our updated website… Mesothelioma & Asbestos Cancer Resource – Dev

Asbestos Cancer Overview – Information on asbestos cancer treatment, causes, symptoms, and more. –

Utah Woman Awarded $5.2 million in Mesothelioma Verdict –

Asbestos Twitter for May 19 2010

19 05 2010

asbestos guy’s posterous – Resources about Asbestos and Mesothelioma

Insurance Companies Who Understated Asbestos Coverage Will Have a Suit Against Them Continue –

Courts Bogged Down for Decades by W.R. Grace Asbestos Suits in Lincoln County, Montana –

Were You Exposed to Asbestos in the Construction Industry? –

Asbestos Tweets for May 17 2010

17 05 2010

Two Massachusetts Workers Plead Guilty to Illegal Asbestos Handling –

What are my legal rights with respect to asbestos exposure? MesoRC Official Site

What is an Asbestos bankruptcy trust? overview and purpose from MesoRC Official Site

Asbestos Twitter for May 14 2010

14 05 2010

NYC Safety Inspector Admits to Falsifing Asbestos Reports for Over 10 Years –

Facebook page for the Mesothelioma Resource Center

NYC Building Inspector Admits to Filing Fake Asbestos and Lead Tests | MesoRC Blog

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